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Other teraphies

Traditional medicine
Modern day medicine advances daily with considerable new technological breakthroughs. We are able to diagnose and treat problems sooner and more effectively than ever before. The treatment however is based on looking at illness symptomatically, from a cellular point of view.

Modern osteopathic medicine looks at structure and function from a macroscopic point of view and therefore we are able to help many patients where the standard medical aetiology of the complaint is not clear. We look at patients and ailments through different eyes giving us another vision on problems.
As classical medicine works from a cellular model, and Osteopathy from a macroscopic model, these two forms of medicine do not have to compete with each other. They are not an alternative to each other but rather complementary to one another.

Chiropractic originated from osteopathy. The greatest difference between osteopathy and chiropractic is that the latter concentrates on the axial skeleton or spinal system when treating patients. Osteopathy goes further and treats all the other systems of the body as well.

Physiotherapy principally treats patients who need rehabilitation or they treat local problems symptomatically. Osteopathy approaches the patient as a whole.

Manual therapy also originated from osteopathy and concentrates on the musculoskeletal system. Osteopathy goes much further subjecting all tissues to a thorough examination.