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From 1996, Celnacov Osteopathic Center opened general clinic in Chisinau city in Republic of Moldova. The aim is to deliver a rehabiltation service for the people of R.Modova, Romania, Russia and Ukraine by offering the best conventional diagnostic methods combined with cures of holistic medicine and, in particular, osteopathy.

Celnacov Osteopathic Center for


Celnacov Victor


Doctor in medical sciences orthopedist - Institute "R.R. Vredent" - Sankt Petersburg

Doctor Osteopath - The Internetional Academy of Osteopathy - Kopenhagen, Denmark

Celnacov Valentina


Phychologist and nutritionist - The Academy of Humanities Sciences - Moscow, Russia

Celnacov Radu


M.D. Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy - The National Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine and Physical Therapy - Bucharest, Romania

Doctor Osteopath - The Internetional Academy of Osteopathy - Bruxelles, Belgium