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Osteopathic Treatment for Sports People

Internationally renowned sports people and teams are increasingly turning to osteopathy. In professional sports, the muscular-skeletal structure is subjected to extreme stresses in which the basic problems of the locomotor apparatus emerge. These disorders are often not evident at the beginning of the season, but come to light after accidents (torn muscles, blocks, weakness, pain) when the body is no longer able to compensate the imbalance.

The Celnacov Osteopathic Clinic cooperate with various sports clubs in order to improve the performance of their athletes. At the beginning of each season, every athlete undergoes a complete examination (mechanical, posture, metabolism) - the purpose of this is to identify current problems and the weak spots which could jeopardise his/her performance during the season. Ascertaining the suitability of the professional athlete is not actually enough, because as the body is subjected to extreme situations, it must be in a perfectly sound condition. Otherwise, as experience shows, there will be a fall in performance levels during the season. The athlete is personally followed in order to maintain a high level of competitiveness and help rapid recovery after any traumas. Obviously, the medical team of the Celnacov Osteopathic Clinic is well able to give backing also to amateur sports people by providing them with advice and appropriate therapeutic techniques